The heart of my practice is giving life to these ceramic sculptures.  When I was younger, I had the opportunity to see unfinished statues carved by Michelangelo in Florence.  The figures seemed to me to be pulling themselves out of the stone blocks, being liberated rather than formed by the artist.  This is the spirit with which I try to approach my unformed clay.  But rather than figures, I am attempting to bring alive the textures and qualities of the material itself.  I take particular delight in highlighting those properties not traditionally associated with the 'element' of earth.


Light & Delicate

Solid and heavy rock may also take shape in the most fragile eggshell, protecting budding life within.  

Fluid & Organic

Forms which preserve the flowing, plastic nature of clay.  Earth and stone grow, shift, and decay, living on a timescale beyond our own. My work is an exploration of tensions, finding a point between intentionality and spontaneity, structure and fluidity.


Tiny & Precious

Infinite landscapes can be found even in a small pebble or grain of sand. I find that these small objects take a satisfying amount of skill and concentration to produce and that they demand closer inspection and attention to detail when being viewed.